Our Recruiting Process

When searching for excellent people, process matters. We’ve developed a standard that ensures your next hire is the right fit for your organization.

Step 1

We Understand

Listening is underrated in our industry. We begin every search by understanding what you need, when you need it, and why the need is present. We won’t move forward without knowing the criteria that matters to you.

Top 10 Qualifying Questions

1. Have you…
2. Where…
3. Specifically…
4. When…
5. How…
6. What…
7. Why…
8. Can you…
9. Describe…
10. How Many…

Step 2

We Identify

Once we understand what you need, we identify the people that best fit the position. Our Recruiters search for skill, personality, and personal preferences to ensure each candidate meets your company’s culture and criteria. Screening sometimes 100’s of candidates we connect with each potential hire over the phone, online, and in person.

Step 3

We Rank

Once a Candidate meets the 5 Key Requirements and Top 10 Qualifiers, we ask them to rank their skills, knowledge and abilities. This self-ranking creates a confidence score against your hiring criteria, allowing us to analyze the candidate’s potential fit. Those with the right skills and level of confidence, are approved to move forward in the process.

Self Ranking (1-10)

1) Rank – Where – What
2) Rank – Where – What
3) Rank – Where – What
4) Rank – Where – What
5) Rank – Where – What
6) Rank – Where – What
7) Rank – Where – What
8) Rank – Where – What
9) Rank – Where – What
10) Rank – Where – What

Step 4

We Check References

We look beyond the paper.  Our Recruiting team conducts routine reference checks on candidates to ensure your new hire will perform to your standards.

Reference Check

1) Yes; Confirmed, Level 10
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Yes
6) Yes; Actually, Level 10
7) Yes
8) Yes
9) Yes
10) Yes; Confirmed, Maybe Level 9

Step 5

We Analyze

After our reference check is complete, we analyze the candidates based upon their own ranking, our reference checks, and your top 10 Qualifiers as filters.

Step 6

We Present

Only the best candidates make it to your inbox. We provide the details you need to make an informed decision on who to trust with your business goals.

What Guides Us

We take seriously the responsibility to find your firm excellent people. When we provide your team with recommendations we use these five guiding principals every step of the way.

  1. Skills
  2. Experience
  3. Culture Fit
  4. Availability
  5. Financial Fit

Clients Love Otterbase

I went out on a limb and worked with you as a new company and was never disappointed. I appreciated very much your conscientious follow up when it was needed and the way you stayed in communication with me even when I was too busy to respond right away. I would definitely work with OtterBase again.

Geoff E.

Web Application Manager

Large Marketing Corporation