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Who is OtterBase?

OtterBase is one of the fastest-growing supplemental staffing companies in the country with a growing list of Fortune 500 clients. We provide staffing services in a number of different functional areas including Enterprise IT, Digital and Interactive, Engineering, Scientific, Professional and Executive

We work closely with our consultants to find the ideal placement -- not just a challenge for your skills and experience but the right cultural and financial fit, too.


Consultants Love OtterBase

"OtterBase was extremely helpful in locating an ideal position for me … and identified a great opportunity which takes advantage of my skills and experience."

Donna H., Documentation Specialist

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Are there any fees associated with your services to the job seeker?

There are no fees associated with OtterBase services for the job seeker.

Is the information I share with OtterBase confidential?

All candidate information collected by OtterBase and entered into our internal database is held strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other parties for any reason.

How do I search for jobs?

Go to the Open Positions page to review an updated list of jobs or contact one of our Recruiters.

How do I apply online / post my resume?

Submit your resume online or apply for a specific job opportunity you're interested in. A Recruiter will call you directly to obtain additional information that will help us identify the best opportunities for you.

How long will my profile stay active in your job database?

OtterBase maintains a database of all active jobseekers. This database is updated on a frequent basis to ensure that active jobseekers are given first priority.

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How do I submit a timesheet?

OtterBase has multiple methods to record your time. Depending on your specific placement you may use our intuitive online timecard system or another client specified process.

What kind of benefits can I receive as a contractor/employee with OtterBase?

The benefits available to you as a contractor depends on your employment classification.

  • If your initial assignment is less than 6 months: you are classified as short-term employees and are not eligible for benefits. You may become eligible for medical and dental benefits if your assignment is extended passed six months.
  • If your initial assignment is greater than 6 months: you are classified as long-term employee and become eligible for medical and dental benefits immediately. 


Benefit packages are custom designed to meet each contractor’s individual needs. Certain benefits require employee contributions and are based upon the length of the assignment.

Am I eligible for paid time off?

Generally you will not be eligible for paid annual leave, sick pay or paid holidays unless it is part of your Employment Agreement. 

If I get called in for Jury Duty, am I eligible for payment while serving?

OtterBase complies with all applicable laws that afford job protection rights to employees summoned to serve on juries or subpoenaed to serve as witnesses. OtterBase does not provide payment; however, if you are eligible for paid time off you may use this benefit to cover the time you are out for Jury Duty.

Whom should I contact if I have safety or other concerns about my client workplace?

It is a top priority of OtterBase to ensure a safe work environment for its employees. Employees should immediately report any potential safety hazards or job-related injuries to their client supervisor and OtterBase Recruiter, regardless of severity. If you have any other problems with your assignment or new workplace, you should advise your Recruiter immediately.

Whom do I contact if my personal contact information changes?

Please contact your Recruiter or the OtterBase HR Department should any of your personal information change.

What if I cannot work?

If you are currently on an assignment and cannot work, you must contact your Recruiter so that we can notify the client immediately.

For other questions, please contact your OtterBase Recruiter at one of our offices.

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